Spring Hollow R/C Flyers
Armory Drive
Spring City, PA

An aerial view of the club field (click any photo to open it in a new window)
As of 12/01/2022 our lease for our field has not been renewed. We cannot use the Armory Field/Keystone Airfield for flying. Please do not visit the location.
Club History and Goal
In 1992 the National Guard looked for someone to help them learn to fly drones that were to be used to test equipment and train operators of that equipment to defend against air attacks on the nuclear reactors at Limerick. Some local members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc. (AMA), a national organization, were contacted and they created a suitable airfield for those drones. It took those modelers two years to fill a large gully and construct an airfield on the grounds of the Spring City armory.

The local AMA members then helped the Army personnel construct their drones from the kits supplied by the Army. This included physical construction, the understanding of the powerful engines that were needed, the installation of radio control systems, and how to fly these drones. The drones were noisy and difficult to fly, but the National Guard's mission was successful. The use of these drones has faded into history.

These modelers were veterans of all the military services: Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force. They built a working relationship with the National Guard and formed the Spring Hollow Radio Control Flyers club 20 years ago. This is a model airplane club whose charter is renewed each year by the AMA. The AMA charters each club and provides appropriate liability insurance. Most current members remain retired Senior citizens and there is still a majority of military veterans.

In exchange for their continued use of the airfield, the members of the Spring Hollow R/C Flyers club maintain the airfield and surrounding area for use by the National Guard, the Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club Est. 1985, the Boy Scouts, and the club. The club continues to provide free flying lessons to the National Guard and members of the community.

The club has the continued support of many neighbors in the area near the club who have shown their interest over the years by stating their enjoyment watching the aerobatics of the member's airplanes. They have also helped recover planes that have been lost in the buffer zone of trees and brush between the airfield and the homes, the closest of which is more than 400 feet away. Neighbors have been canvased over the years and signed petitions showing their support.

It is the club's goal to continue to maintain a great relationship with the guard and the local community and maintain a field for use by all.
The 2022/2023 Club Officers are:
Vice President
Safety Officer
James Jones
Geoff Urwin
Doug Schmidt
Doug Schmidt

Bob W's beautiful new bi-plane
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