Spring Hollow R/C Flyers
Armory Drive
Spring City, PA
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Join a Club?
Joining a club is a great way to meet other RC enthusiasts. For the beginner, a local RC club devoted to your RC of choice is a good way to find an instructor, Our club has experts in both RC Electric and Gas airplanes and Helicoptors. We can help you gain insider information on the best places to buy RC planes/heli's and accessories in your area. If you are an experienced pilot the friendly environment and low number of members allows everyone plenty of time to fly and enjoy the entire field to themselves.
What does it cost to join this club?
Membership fees are detailed on the membership form on the About the Club page and are similar to those at other area clubs. All members must also be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) which provides liability insurance for the club. Go to the AMA website, listed on the Links page, for details.
I am a beginner and I need flying lessons. How much will that cost me?
There are no costs for flying lessons. See the link on the Happenings page for information on our New Pilots program.
How old do I have to be to start flying?
Pilots can be any age. Presently, our oldest member is >70 years old and our youngest winged member was 8 years old when he got his wings. There is no age limit to participate in this enjoyable hobby.
How much will it cost me to get started?
See the New Pilots link on the Happenings page which will get you started for nothing.
You can choose to fly either fuel (engine) or electric (motor).
A basic package of Engine, Radio and Airplane starts at about $300. The Engine and Radio can be reused indefinitely and can be transferred to other airplanes, so once you have the engine and radio, a new plane can be purchased for about $150.
Our club offers electric powered foam planes ready to fly for about $150 with everything except a radio transmitter and a battery charger.

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